Is the Concept for an Artificially Intelligent Electrical Energy Grid Revolutionary?

There have been numerous grants awarded to computer scientists and engineering schools throughout the country for new smart grid technologies. Some of the most interesting DOE awards have been to artificial intelligence schemes to run our entire electrical energy grid Tipos de energia. That sure sounds interesting doesn’t it? Sure it does but let’s talk about this for a moment. First, consider the challenges we have with our aging electrical energy infrastructure right now, and rather than shore up those challenges we are using a “patch work” to introduce new schemes to help introduce two-way energy, distributive energy concepts, and call it a “smart grid” but is it really smart? Not long ago, I was explaining this to our think tank and someone said; “I see very clearly what you are pointing out - the usual madness.” Right! And it’s not that I do not think the AI concept for the grid is a wise idea, I do, I wrote about it back in 2001, but it looks like a band aid for unreliable alternative energy, on a distributive energy future smart grid, which is already challenged as it is trying to patch the current grid which needs $800 million in maintenance and upgrading More. You see, these often brilliant academics, scientists, and engineers are creating the problem, then they say they can fix the problems of unintended consequences they are creating and now foresee. Why let them fail twice, and why do it on my money - tax payer’s money that is? I want reliable abundant cheap energy as much as the next person, and yes, I want 100% uptime like every citizen, we all want flawlessness in the system - Six Sigma on steroids, absolute uptime always and forever, but can these academic elites with their political sounding boards in tow deliver that? Okay so, indeed I do like the philosophy, but doubt these academic AI scientists are going to figure it out and get it right, and it has to be correct 100% of the time as we demand our electrical grid to be up 100% of the time. They say they can do it, well okay, but I say show me, don’t tell me, hell it’s a concept like I said back in 2001 might be possible, but a concept is only an idea, and that’s where we are now. So, why are all these academics and scientists standing up now, and pretending to be know-it-alls because they have agreed on an idea, a great brain storm, humans should be smarter than that. Obviously this smart grid isn’t smart enough, so perhaps, we need to rethink some of this, before we press on much further, patch work generally isn’t the long-term solution, and we should be thinking long-term when it comes to our energy grid. Please consider all this.